World Tree Commander Starter League Starts Tonight @6pm

World Tree Commander Starter League Begins Tonight at 6pm

The much anticipated Commander Starter Deck league starts tonight. You will need to purchase (or have purchased from me) a Commander Starter deck. It must be unmodified (containing only the cards that were in the box). I will try and create pods of 3 players without duplicating decks within a pod when possible. The first person to arrive with a specific deck gets placed into the pod first (please do not arrive too much before 6pm, that is when I eat dinner). Once a deck hits 3 players with unique decks, the next pod will begin to form. Once we run out of unique decks the later pods will be built with multiple repeat decks.

As the League progresses additions to your deck will be allowed. No individual card can be worth more than $5 at the time of the swap (the LOWEST price for any printing of the card, regardless of the version of the card you put in your deck will be used, for example if you add a Beta Lightning Bolt which is a $400 card it will be counted as a 50 cent card because that is currently the lowest valued version.) The entire deck can never exceed $57, that includes the base $31 value of the deck. This allows $26 of additions to the deck. You will need to let me know of all changes to your deck.

New games will be every other week, you will have two weeks to play a game. If you miss two games (do not play a game for a month) you will be removed from the League. You may play as many games within that two week period as you like, as long as all players in the pod are in the League. The first game you play each period will be worth more points (a loss in your first game is worth more than a win in your second game).

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