This Week’s Events (16 April 2024)

A scene in space of a tree growing upon the Earth with the schedule of the shop overlaid in text.
Tuesday: Pokemon @6pm
Wednesday: BattleTech @6pm
Thursday: Casual Commander @6pm
Friday: FNM Standard @6pm
Saturday: Outlaws of Thunder Junction Open House New Player Events @3pm

This week’s events at the shop.
Wednesday is war-games night, Curtis is working on a BattleTech campaign and looking for players to join him in the year 3067 for some robot combat.
If you have had an interest in learning to play Magic, or get back into Magic, or have a friend who would like to get into Magic, The Magic Open House on Saturday is for you. I will be teaching new players how to play Magic. I have also had a number of players who have only played Commander/EDH ask about learning to play 60 Card Magic. Join us, and learn!

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