What is happening at World Tree this week?

Tuesday is the new cEDH night. Bring in your most powerful EDH deck. Starting at 6pm players will start forming pods of 3 or more and battle it out until one stands victorious, and the rest weep.

Wednesday is Wargaming night. Bring your army for a game, or sprues and build something.

Thursday is the longstanding Casual EDH night. Mostly we use preconstructed decks with minimal changes. This week is the start of the Commander Legends Battle for Baldur’s Gate League. We will draft 3 packs, and then build a 50 card Commander deck. Each week adding an additional pack.

Friday Night Magic! This week is Standard duels. Bring your standard 60 card deck or pick up a Challenger deck and see who can attain victory.

This Saturday is the release of the Horus Heresy Army boxes (I still have two boxes available for purchase as well as a Kratos), which coincides with our first all day hobby day (open to close) organized by Curtis.

My game night is also changing to the new and improved Board Game Day. Weekly I will pick three games from my personal collection, or the shop’s demo library. Then on Saturday you can come in a play a game with me. As always you are welcome and encouraged to bring your own games to show off, or find someone to play with you. Everyone is welcome to join!

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